ALP - Impact

Since its inception, ALP has had over 450 participants from over 137 schools from 60 districts across the state of Kentucky.


“Most PD’s I go to, although they talk about activities that you can do, they don’t really relate it to how you can implement them in your classroom. Every strategy or activity we learned in this PD I could easily modify and bring back to my classroom and my colleagues to help them help their students understand their content.”
“This PD was much more thought provoking and it challenged me and my processes in my classroom and I would actually leave every day taking something with me.  I can leave (this PD) and automatically implement (strategies) in my classroom that I know would make an impact on the students as well as school wide.  We’ve worked a lot on how we’re going to take this back to our school.” 
“I now have a community of teachers that I can email or call (that I) feel comfortable with.  Most PD’s you go to are three days long and you kind of get to know the other teachers but not to the level where I’d feel comfortable saying ‘I’m having some difficulties in this area, I need some help’.  Because this was two weeks I feel like I could easily call on any of the teachers or professors that were here teaching us.”