KRP - Impact

From 1999-2016, the Kentucky Reading Project has trained over 3,491 teachers in 594 schools and 159 districts in Kentucky, serving 782,644 students (based on estimated class size of 23).

There is no cost to teachers, schools, or districts.

“The Kentucky Reading Project has had a profound effect on instructional practices and student achievement. The experience has broadened the teachers’ instructional knowledge and strategy tool box, while at the same time enabling them to better diagnose literacy problems individual students face and create plans that address those problems. It has also supported our leadership structure here. KRP has created a cohort of teacher leaders here who work together to help guide our unique approach to literacy.” – Principal, Jefferson County
“My professional development experience with KRP changed the way I feel [about] and teach literacy. The students that I have taught since that experience received a much better education. I rank it as the #1 professional development experience in my 10 years of education.” – Teacher, Harlan County
“The Kentucky Reading Project has transformed our school’s entire reading program. During the last few years, each of our primary reading teachers has completed the KRP. Our reading scores have soared! Our reading instruction has never been better. I credit KRP with leading and paving the way for last year’s reading scores of over 100.” – Principal, Monroe County