Welcome (or welcome back) to the Kentucky Reading Project for Read To Achieve +1 Classroom Teachers!

The Kentucky Reading Project (KRP) is a high-intensity and extended-duration elementary literacy instruction professional development program provided by the literacy faculty at Kentucky’s 8 state universities, and administered by the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) at the University of Kentucky. The program is free to teachers, free to schools, and free to districts, paid for by lottery monies and state appropriations. KRP has been in operation since 1998, and provides teachers with graduate course credit-worthy instructional improvement.

Although the precise structure of the KRP process will vary slightly between the 8 state university service regions, it typically involves a full-day, two-week summer intensive to provide teachers with evidence-based best practices, quality tools and materials, and instructional problem solving skills. During the intensive, teachers work together to design classroom implementations for their students’ most pressing literacy needs. They utilize these implementations (lesson unit plans, formative assessment designs, skill development materials, etc.) in their classrooms throughout the following academic year, with faculty observation and peer support to guide teachers through implementation and assessment. The yearlong study culminates with a presentation of teachers’ results and planned next steps at a statewide Spring Share Fair.

KRP has been immensely popular and demonstrably successful at improving students’ literacy achievement (visit the KRP Impact page at for reports on KRP’s impact). For that reason, the Kentucky Department of Education has chosen to include KRP training to fulfil the requirement for the literacy training for the Read to Achieve (RTA) +1 classroom teachers.

In this special form of “KRP4RTA,” school principals recommend teachers for acceptance into the KRP cohort, instead of admission through a competitive application process. Furthermore, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the KDE, KRP4RTA will not offer graduate course credit to teachers.

CCLD will be happy to provide more information about the value and impact of KRP to interested teachers and principals. For more info, please see the FAQs or contact KRP Program Director Cary Pappas ( or 859-257-6118.