KRP - Sites

Eastern Kentucky University
EKU’s KRP is directed by: Dr. Delinda Dent, associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at EKU. Participants will:

  • Practice reading strategies by tutoring elementary school students
  • Work with library media specialists to learn how to select quality children’s literature
  • Take part in a writing workshop with a published author


Kentucky State University
KSU's KRP is directed by: Dr. Patricia Higgins, associate professor in the School of Education at KSU, and Dr. Tiffany Wheeler, associate professor of education at Transylvania University. KSU’s KRP focuses on:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Differentiation - engaging students so they can all be successful
  • Common Core Academic Standards - interdisciplinary units that integrate reading and writing with social studies, science, and other curricular areas


Morehead State University
MSU's KRP is directed by: Dr. Melinda Willis, associate professor and Becky Roach, instructor in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education at Morehead State. Participants in the MSU KRP will experience:

  • Literacy strategies for implementing the Kentucky Academic Standards in elementary and intermediate grades
  • Teacher-centered professional development
  • Differentiated instruction addressed in every class


Murray State University

Murray's KRP is directed by Dr. Jacqueline Hansen, professor, Dr. Christina Grant, assistant professor in the College of Education at Murray State, and Holly Bloodworth, elementary teacher at Murray Elementary School in Calloway County and the 2013 Kentucky Teacher of the Year. Participants in the Murray State KRP will:

  • Deepen their knowledge of standards-based instruction
  • Integrate literacy across the curriculum


Northern Kentucky University
NKU held its first alumni cadre in June 2016. Three sessions, each with a different focus, were offered:

  • Nonfiction in the Primary Grades
  • Interdisciplinary Literacy
  • Close Reading and Writing

A team of three teachers who participated in this cadre created a PowerPoint about Writer's Workshop that they presented to the K-3 teachers at their school. The material included in the presentation came from the alumni project training and resources.
Download the PowerPoint


University of Kentucky

UK's KRP is directed by: Dr. Mary Shake, professor of literacy education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UK. She is assisted by Debbie Carter, former teacher and literacy consultant, and Andrea Marcum, music teacher at Arlington Elementary in Fayette County. The focus of the UK KRP is:

  • Learning the use of various types of reflections
  • Integrating arts-related strategies into classroom literacy instruction
  • Using Canvas to discuss pertinent educational issues and maintain contact with cadre members between follow-up sessions


University of Louisville

UofL's KRP is directed by: Dr. Tasha Tropp Laman, associate professor and director of the Nystrand Center of Excellence in Education, and co-director Dr. Amy Flint, professor and department chair in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. The areas of focus for the University of Louisville cohorts are:

  • Reclaiming literacy instruction
  • Promoting inquiry-based interdisciplinary curriculum development
  • Exploring the role of digital literacy arts, and play in literacy teaching
  • Expanding our understanding of using children's literature in relation to the Common Core Standards
  • Developing a literacy curriculum that builds on students' languages, lives, and interests


Western Kentucky University

WKU's KRP is directed by: Dr. Nancy Hulan, assistant professor in the School of Teacher Education at WKU. Participants of the WKU KRP will focus on:

  • Differentiation in literacy instruction
  • Comprehension of informational and narrative texts
  • Vocabulary and word attack instruction
  • Culturally responsive literacy instruction