TitleLearners on Learning to Read
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBelzer, A
JournalFocus on the Basics
Start Page23
Date Published05/2006
Type of ArticleAdult
KeywordsAdult Education, Literacy, Reading

Recent efforts to synthesize the research base on adult reading instruction have revealed a significant need for more information on how to teach reading to adult developing readers (Belzer & St. Clair, 2005; Kruidenier, 2002). One source of information that has not yet been tapped is adult learners themselves. Despite calls to “authorize” student experiences and perspectives so that they can have a direct impact on policy formation and improved practice (Cook-Sather, 2002), adult literacy research has not done this in any systematic way, especially when it comes to reading instruction. Such an effort would be congruent both with the principles of participatory literacy education and with theories and research about the capacities of adult learners to direct their own learning. As a small, preliminary step in the process of learning from learners, I interviewed 15 adults who have made significant progress in their reading development and asked: To what do they attribute their success?