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The Kentucky Reading Project (KRP) is a high-intensity and extended-duration elementary literacy instruction professional development program provided by the literacy faculty at Kentucky’s eight state universities, and administered by the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) at the University of Kentucky. The program is free to teachers, free to schools, and free to districts, paid for by lottery monies and state appropriations. KRP has been immensely popular and demonstrably successful at improving students’ literacy achievement. For that reason, the Kentucky Department of Education has chosen to include KRP training to fulfill the requirement for the literacy training for the Read to Achieve (RTA) +1 classroom teachers. In this special form of “KRP4RTA,” school principals recommend teachers for acceptance into the KRP cohort. Summer intensives for each cohort will be held at designated assignment zones.

For more KRP4RTA information please visit the Kentucky Reading Project page