2021 Live Share Fair Presentations from April 24

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (PDF)

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (Issuu)

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Phonics and Family Communication

Phonics and Phonological Awareness Instruction: Heggerty in the Classroom

Phonics and Word Recognition

Phonics and Word Recognition in the First Grade

Phonics Dance Connecting Music & Movement to Reading & Writing

Phonics: Revisiting Foundational Skills

Phonics: The One Where We Were Virtual

Phonological Awareness Instruction for Struggling Readers

Phonological Awareness Teaching Strategies

Podcasting For Deeper Comprehension of Text

Primary Reading Writing Relationships


Read to Someone You Love!

Reading A-Z

Reading and Response Journals

Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

Reading and Writing Groups in Kindergarten

Reading and Writing in Social Studies

Reading and Writing Through Guided Reading

Reading and Writing Virtually: A Whole New Ballgame

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