2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (PDF)

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (Issuu)

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Super Second’s Comprehension Strategies

Super Sonic Speed to Learning Phonics

Teacher Self-Efficacy and ELL Strategies

Teaching During a Pandemic

Teaching Phonics Virtually

Teaching Vocabulary

Technology in the Intermediate Reading Classroom

Test Video Presentation

The Foundation of Reading

The Impact of Technology in Elementary Writing

The Impacts of Trauma Informed Instruction in the Classroom, 2020-21

The Power of Talk-Techniques Used to Encourage More Engagement in Classroom Discussion

The Reading and Writing Connection

The WANT to Read: Increasing Student Motivation

There, Their, They’re…The Importance of Vocabulary!

Thinking Deeper

Traveling Writing Journals

Universal Reading Strategies

UNO: Using News Online for Informational Text and Vocabulary Acquisition

Using Literacy Narratives to Build Reading and Writing Efficacy

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