Donalyn Miller Keynote

Filling the Gaps with Phonetics

Building Phonemic Awareness Success Through Structured Play

Comprehension Strategies for Struggling/Beginning Readers

Purpose Driven Learning

Using Talk & Comment and Google Slides for Writing

Talk Back (to the Text)

Routine Argument Writing (ELA Engagement Strategies)

Power Writing in Middle School

Lift Off to Literacy: Family & Community Engagement

Reading Growth Across Intermediate Grades

9 Fun Ways to Respond to Literature: The Reading Writing Connection

Phonics and Word Study Strategies

Back to the Basics

Online Family Journals

Bringing Talk Into the Classroom

Teacher Perception of Student Motivation Towards Literacy

A Multisensory Approach with Zoo-phonics

Family Engagement in Reading and Writing

Using Wordless Books to Develop Oral Language

Responding to Reading across the Curriculum for Primary

We Got Skills!

Improving Reading and Writing Connections 

Trading Textbooks for Theme Parks: Translating Classic Stories into Modern Mediums

Phonics: The Foundation of Reading

Junk Journals- A way to share what I learned with freedom, flexibility and creativity!

The Evolution of a Preschool Writer: What’s the Big Idea?

Phonics and Families: Plundered Plans

Setting the Literacy Foundation for YOUR School

Wow! Comprehension

The Relationship Between Students’ Reading Motivation and Web-Based Journals

First Grade Decoding Skills and Strategies

Quick Connections: Making Conferring Meaningful and Manageable

Writing Claims for Social Studies

Reinventing the Writing Process with Student Learning in Mind

Storytelling in Family Literacy Engagement

Increasing Family Involvement – Virtually

Boosting Fluency with a Basal

Orbiting Instruction with Solar Texts

Using Literature and Argument as Means of Increasing Sociological Awareness and Non-Binary Thinking

Adapting a Novel Study in a Virtual Setting

Building Collaborative Websites for Student Writing

Multi-Media Literacy Pandemic Style

Nursery Rhymes: Not Just for Babies!

Let’s Talk about Oral Language