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Keynote: Crystal Wilkinson
Book Joy: Remembering the Power and Impact of Words

“Mining for Memories: Writing Food as Culture & Memory”

“ESL Strategies and Tools” & “Vocabulary Strategies for English Language Learners”

“Book In ‘Almost’ A Day” & “Annotations: Thinking in Notes and Finding Meaning – A Cross-curricular approach to engaging text in a meaningful way”

Breaking Down Word Problems

“Family Journals” & “Nonfiction Writing – Starting with a Table of Contents”

Family Message Journals

“Family Writing Journals” & “Letters from Home”

“Implementing Benchmark in Elememtary Post Covid” & “Summarizing Comprehension”

“Increasing Phonemic Awareness and Reading Comprehension” & “Phonics in Primary”

“Math Workshop” & “Using CER in Math”

“Phonemic Awareness” & “High Frequency Words”

“Primary Phonics” & “Meaningful Reading Centers”

“Sounds Like A Great Idea: Emphasizing Phonemic Awareness Instruction in the Classroom and at Home” & “Sparking a Sense of Wonder Through Genius Hour”

“Tiered Vocabulary Across Content Areas” & “Connecting Interactive Read Alouds with Small Group Instruction to Build Comprehension”

“Vivacious Vocabulary” & “Vocabulary Development”

“Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Strategies Across Contents”

Wild About Zoophonics

“Building Phonological Awareness in Kindergarten and First Grade” & “Sight Word Success in Reading and Writing”

“Daily Journals and Peer Assisted Learning: How to Build a Fluent Reader and Writer” & “Books in Hands, Helping Students Choose”

“Daily Independent Reading” & “Using the Say Mean Matter Reading Strategy to Enhance Reading Comprehension in Science”

“Discussions in Science Class” & “Enhancing Critical Thinking & Writing through Vocabulary & Conversation”

“Guided Reading Comprehension Strategies” & “Comprehension Counts”

“Implementing an Academic ‘Red-Flag’ System” & “Creating an LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum”

“Improving Student Writing Fluency and Independence” & “Writing in 2nd Grade”

“In the Know: What’s this Orton-Gillingham thing? A Parent’s Guide through an Orton-Gillingham Lesson” & “Reading Motivation through Book Tastings and Beyond”

“Independent Reading with Freshmen” & “How to Engage Non-Engaged Students in Reading”

“Jan Richardson Word Study and the Super Improver Wall” & “Bridging the Gap”

“Mini Book Writes” & “Writers are Made”

“Phonics Through Movement and Song” & “Targeted Teacher Small Groups to Improve Reading Fluency”

“Photo Journal” & “Learning Through Play”

“Reading Comprehension Journals” & “Fluency in Primary Grades and Beyond”

“Reading Skills For All” & “Heggerty Phonics in the Classroom”

“Writer’s Workshop for Primary Students: Post-Virtual Learning” & “Family Message Journals with Parent Engagement”

“Writing Center” & “ABC… Lets Read!!”

“Building Confident Readers and Writers through Guided Reading” & “The S’more You Read, the S’more you Know!”

“Family Literacy Night” & “Engaging Families and Students in SEL”

“Hands on Phonics” & “Catching Up on Phonics: Overcoming Covid Gaps”

“Literary Analysis in the Contemporary Classroom: Diversity and Authentic Audiences” & “Four Levels of Reading”

“Reading Foundations” & “Incorporating the Science of Reading into Your Classroom”

“Authentic Writing to Increase Student Motivation” & “All Readers CAN Grow in Reading!”

“Claim Making Skills in Social Studies” & “Using Document Based Questions and Sentence Stems in the Social Studies”

“Fake News Affects Us All” & “What Do You Mean ‘Disrupt the Text’?”

“Writing Throughout the Year” & “Using the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) in Primary Grades”

“Cultivating Reading Comprehension” & “Making Words That Matter in Upper Elementary”

“ABC Bootcamp” & “Student Growth in Phonics”

“Using Literacy Strategies to Make Math Meaningful” & “Vocabulary in a Middle School Setting: Content Area Vocabulary”

Meaningful Conversations to Enhance Vocabulary

“From Phonics to Phonemic Awareness: Teaching Kindergartners How to Read” & “Phonics/Word Recognition”

“Phonics Dance: Growing as Readers and Writers” & “Differentiated Reading Groups: A First Year Teacher’s Growth Through Trial and Error”

“Building a Phonological Foundation” & “Phonemes –They’re What We Hear”

“Early Phonics in Kindergarten for Els” & “All About Vowels with Some Sight Words”

“Family Game Night” & “Bring it to the Dinner Table!”

“Fun with Phonics” & “Increasing Reading Fluency through Phonics and Guided Reading Instruction”

“Kickin’ It With Kinesthetic Reading” & “See It, Say It, Spell It: Multi-sensory Spelling Strategies”

“Purposeful Phonics in Primary Learning” & “Put On Your Hard Hat and Watch Us Grow Into Reading!”

“Together We Can! How Family Writing Journal Can Help Improve Student Writing” & “Dear Dad: Connecting through Family Learning Journals”

“Writing to Enhance and Demonstrate Understanding” & “Cultural Diversity Through Literacy”

“Written Conversations with Novels/Longer Texts” & “Writing through Editing”

“Social Emotional Writing Journal and Parent Contact” & “Increasing Writing Stamina for 2nd Graders”

“Putting Books in Children’s Hands” & “Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Literature Circles for Your Primary Classroom”

Literacy Night – Increasing Literacy Opportunities for Students and Families

“Phonics in Action with Words Their Way” & “Phonics My Way for Special Education”

“Vocabulous: Word Power” & “Use Nonfiction to Help Students Get Excited About Researching Their Own ‘Hidden Figures’”

“Literacy Progress in a 30+ Classroom” & “Improving Reading Comprehension and Writing”

Weekly Check-In for Middle/High School Students

“Vocabulary Instruction within Content Areas” & “Exploring the Reading and Writing Connection: Developing Early Writers into Inquiry Leaders”

Literacy Night – Increasing Literacy Opportunities for Students and Families

“Family Engagement Journals” & “Becoming Authors: Creative Writing in First Grade”

First Grade Culturally Responsive Books & Using Family Message Journals To Engage Reluctant Writers

“From Phonics to Phonemic Awareness: Teaching Kindergartners How to Read” & “Phonics/Word Recognition”

“Improving Writing Skills” & “Building a Connection with Comprehension”

“Increasing Literacy in Male Students at the Secondary Level” & “Talk Read Talk Write”

“Integrating Vocabulary in Upper Grades” & “Vamping Up Our Vocabulary”

“Kindergartners Working with Words” & “Growth: How My ELL Students Went From Not Knowing the Alphabet to Writing Their Own Book”

“Literacy Footprints: Small Group Intervention” & “The ‘Sounds’ of Reading”

“Making Words Stick Through Grade Levels” & “Kinder Fun with Phonics and Phonemic Awareness”

“Phonological Awareness” & “Phonics in Kindergarten”

“Primary Vocabulary” & “What’s the Word?”

“The Importance of Continuing Phonics in Third Grade” & “Fluency: Read Like a Story Teller!”

“Bookmarks & Socratic Sceminar” & “A Cultivating Classroom”

Monster Madness: An Example of Relatable Content Directly Influencing Student Participation

i-ready: Are You Ready to Read?

“Bridging the Fluency Gap” & “Building Automaticity to Increase Fluency”

“And One Text for All!” & “Reading & Writing Toolkit to Close Covid Gaps”

Reading Responses

Art Criticism & Comprehension of Artistic Terms in Everyday

“Writing in Small Groups” & “Writing Small Groups in 2nd Grade”

“Write Here, Write Now” & “Reading and Writing Connection #1”

“World of Work” & “Annotating Text Strategies”

“Vocabulary” & “Expanding Literacy Through Vocabulary Acquisition”

“Teaching the Standards with Culturally Responsive Texts” & “Comprehension”

“Stories and Stem” & “Reading Through Writing…Interactively”

“School To Home Journal” & “Daily Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Drills and Impact on Student Reading Growth”

“Phonemic Awareness in Primary Grades” & “The Real OG”

“Opinion Writing in Intermediate Grades” & “Closing the Covid Learning Loss Gap in 5th Grade Writing”

“Literature Circles in College: Engaging Students in Disability Awareness Using Fictional Texts” & “ Reading Nonfiction & Comprehension”

“Inviting Families into Phonics!” & “Phonemic Awareness is the Kindergarten Classroom”

“Book Clubs in the Elementary Classroom” & “Increasing Comprehension Skills by Building Fluent Readers”

“Annotating Across The Curriculum” & “Math Vocab”

“1st Grade Phonics” & “The 3 /f/’s: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Fun!”