CCLD provides advisory services to districts and schools for the improvement of adolescent reading, as well as high-quality teacher professional development through our Adolescent Literacy Project model. CCLD does not train teachers in specific commercial reading programs, but we do provide trainings in evidence-based teaching practices that have been shown to facilitate reluctant students in reading, writing, and language use.

Below is a collection of recent materials from the International Reading Association’s journals and publications which we recommend. CCLD is also producing a 30-minute video on Adolescent Reading Difficulties for ILA, and we hope to have it available to our teachers in early 2022.

(with an eye to students’ reading difficulties & Science of Reading [SOR])

Journal Articles

Reading Research Quarterly:
Duke & Cartwright, 2021 (“The Science of Reading Progresses: Communicating Advances Beyond the Simple View of Reading“)
Goodwin, Gilbert, & Choo, 2013 (“Morphological Contributions to Adolescent Word Reading: An Item Response Approach”)
Kim, et al., 2016 (“Engaging Struggling Adolescent Readers to Improve Reading Skills”)

Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy:
Frankel & Brooks, 2018 (“Why the “Struggling Reader” Label Is Harmful (and What Educators Can Do About It)“)
Hall, 2016 (“Reconfiguring the Reading Experience: Using Pop-Culture Texts to Shift Reading Narratives“)
Yoo, 2015 (“The Influence of Genre Understanding on Strategy Use and Comprehension“)
Gillis & Van Wig, 2015 (“Disciplinary Literacy Assessment: A Neglected Responsibility“)
Hruby, 2019 (“Is My Adolescent/Adult Struggling Reader Dyslexic?“)
Hruby & Burns, 2020 (“The Science of Adolescent Literacy“)

Reading Teacher:
Duke, Ward, & Pearson, 2021 (“The Science of Reading Comprehension Instruction“)
Cervetti & Hiebert, 2018 (“Knowledge at the Center of English Language Arts Instruction“)

Literacy Today articles:
Moody & Morrow, 2017 (Differentiated instruction PD; tech & class environment)
Kucan & Wallace, 2020 (Four Resources Model)
Strong, 2018 (Teaching Text Structures)
Rey, 2020 (Close reading info texts)
Nordman, 2020 (Sustaining attention)
Nordman, 2019 (Persistence)

Other ILA Materials:
Reading Interventions (Frankel & Pearson, 2014);
Instruction That Works with Emergent Bilingual Students (Goodwin & Jiménez)
Children Experiencing Reading Difficulties (Wixson, et al., 2020)

Hruby, 2021 (YouTube video; working draft, Simple View of Reading for Secondary Teachers )
Hruby, 2021 (YouTube video, SOR, 6 min. )