Application for the 2022-2023
Adolescent Literacy Project (ALP)

(One application should be completed for each individual applicant)

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Adolescent Literacy Project (follow the link)


ALP Application

Adolescent Literacy Project Application
Please mark your preferred university choice. If your preferred choice site is filled, you will be contacted by the state ALP director about alternatives. Applications will be dated as they are received.
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Personal Statement:

I agree to actively participate in the Adolescent Literacy project and to fulfill the expectations of the project. This agreement includes a commitment to attend and participate fully in all sessions of the summer institute, the follow-up sessions, and the Share Fair.
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An ALP director will notify applicants relative to the outcome of their applications. Thank you for your interest in the Adolescent Literacy Project. We look forward to receiving your application.