Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Kentucky Reading Project

Q: What is the Kentucky Reading Project (KRP)?
A: KRP is a professional development initiative for Kentucky teachers focused on research-based reading instruction. It is
sponsored by the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) and is a yearlong graduate-level reading course. There is no cost to the teacher, school, or district.

Q: How does KRP address the mandates of Senate Bill 1 (2009)?
A: KRP incorporates the Kentucky Academic Standards in the core curriculum of the course.

Q: When does it take place?
A: KRP consists of a summer institute and follow-up days during the school year, scheduled after school or on a Saturday.

Q: Where does it take place?
A: KRP is held at each of the eight state universities. Additional sites may be added in regions where no state university exists.

Q: What grade level does KRP target?
A: KRP targets teachers in grades K-5.

Q: Can I receive graduate credit?
A: Teachers can receive three hours of graduate credit upon completion of the course.

Q: Who teaches the course?
A: A member of the literacy faculty at each of the state universities serves as the course instructor. The National Center for Families Learning also provides one day of training in family engagement.

Q: Will I receive a stipend?
A: Each teacher who completes KRP receives a stipend upon completion of the course in May 2023.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Teachers must fill out an application, which is available online at In addition to the application, teachers must secure the recommendation of their principal. They may also be interviewed by the KRP director at the site where they are applying.

Q: How many applicants are selected at each site?
A: Up to 20 teachers are accepted at each university KRP site.

Q: When will I be notified if I am selected for KRP?
A: Teachers will be contacted by letter or email in late March or early April if they have been selected for KRP.

Q: Do I receive books and materials for the course?
A: Teachers will receive educational books and resources before the class begins.

Q: When do I complete the course?
A: Teachers will complete the course at the end of the spring semester the year after they have attended the summer institute.

Q: What are the course requirements?
A: Teachers will complete a Literacy Action Plan (LAP) that they will implement in their classroom during the school year. They will also develop a poster or roundtable session describing the implementation of the LAP to be presented at a statewide Share Fair in spring 2023. As well, teachers will submit a reflection paper about KRP explaining changes that have occurred in their instructional practices.

Q: Will the instructors visit my classroom?
A: The KRP directors will make a coaching visit during the year to discuss the implementation of the LAP and provide support to the teacher in a variety of ways.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to network with other teachers during the year?
A: Teachers will network with other teachers from across the state at the Share Fair. They also can communicate with other teachers via listservs.

Q: Will I have access to literacy resources?
A: In addition to all the materials and books that teachers receive during KRP; many other resources are available on the CCLD website:


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