2021 Live Share Fair Presentations from April 24

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (PDF)

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (Issuu)

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Using Literature and Argument as Means of Increasing Sociological Awareness and Non-Binary Thinking

Using Literature to Mitigate Restraints of NTI

Using Noticings and Questions to Increase Engagement in Social Studies.

Using Question Funnels to Increase Scientific Literacy

Using R.A.C.E. as a Strategy to Respond to Reading

Using Read & Write to Promote Independence

Using Writing Territories to Support Writing Identities and Abilities

Virtual Engagement in Literacy

Virtual Family Literacy Night

Virtual Guided Reading

Virtual Literacy in First Grade

Visual Literacy

Visual Phonics



Vocabulary Across the Curriculum

Vocabulary Aquisition and Usage

Vocabulary Development and Strategies for 6th grade

Vocabulary Development Using Word Study in ELL & AIS Student Population

Vocabulary in 1st Grade

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