2021 Live Share Fair Presentations from April 24

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (PDF)

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (Issuu)

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Guided Reading in any Situation

Guided Reading in the Virtual and Socially Distanced Classroom

Guided Reading Workshops

Guiding Students to Proficient Reading

Hammering Vocabulary

Hands-on Phonics…without the Hands

He Looks Like Me

How do monSTARZ learn to read?

How Sight Word Practices Influence Reading Levels

How to Increase Student Engagement

I’ll Take Vocabulary for $500

Improving Phonemic Awareness using the Phonics Dance

Improving Reading Comprehension

Improving Teen Engagement with Literacy Through Relationships

Incorporating Diverse Trade Books in Traditional Reading Instruction


Increase Sight Word Recognition in Kindergarten

Increasing Comprehension and Interest through Competition

Increasing Comprehension Using Fluency

Increasing Family Engagement

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