2021 Live Share Fair Presentations from April 24

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (PDF)

2020-21 KRP Share Fair Program (Issuu)

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Increasing Focus and Stamina through Reading Comprehension

Increasing Student Engagement and Enthusiasm in the ELA Classroom

Individualized Sight Word Instruction Through Virtual Learning

Integrating Writing Across Content Areas During NTI

Interactive Read Aloud

Interactive Virtual Phonics

Jamming with Jamboards

Jan Richardson’s Guided Reading Model

Junk Journals

K-2 Skills Block

Kindergarten Phonics Instruction

Learning to Write, Writing to Learn

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Annotation Strategies

Literacy Across Curriculum

Literacy Action Plan

Literacy Action Plan- Alexis Dickie

Literacy in the Math Classroom

Literacy Live in NTI

Literacy Phonics

Literacy Recovery

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